Lehra Studio Pro2.5.3

Lehra Studio Pro v2.5.3

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Lehra Studio Pro 2.5.3
Lehra Studio Pro 2.5.3
Lehra Studio Pro 2.5.3
Lehra Studio Pro 2.5.3
Lehra Studio Pro 2.5.3

Lehra Studio Pro / Description

The world's first real lehra mobile app just got a whole heap better.

Lehra Studio has taken lehra app technology to the next level with their extensively upgraded and highly anticipated model Lehra Studio Pro. Whether you are a student or an experienced player the Lehra Studio Pro edition will revolutionise your riaz.

Try FREE for the first 72 Hours!

The latest update allows you to download and use Lehra Studio Pro completely free for the first 72 hours!

After the 72 Hour Trial Period::

The app will expire after 72 hours. If you are happy with the app and would like to continue using Lehra Studio Pro you can purchase the app via the menu bar.

Lehra Studio Pro features authentic and superbly recorded sarangi harmonium sitar and santoor lehra. It also offers an even more extensive collection of lehra recorded in 11 different taals and over 30 varieties of raags.

By using Lehra Studio Pro you will receive the complete collection of 4 instruments 11 taals recorded in 32 raags Here is a summary of what the app includes:

1. Sangeet Mishra Sarangi Collection
- Teentaal Ektaal Jhaptaal and Roopak Taal lehra recorded in 7 different raags

2. Allarakha Kalawant Sarangi Collection
- Teentaal Dhamar Chautaal Ektaal Jhaptaal Matta Taal Roopak Taal lehra recorded in 11 different raags

3. Hiranmoy Mitra Collection
- Teentaal Pancham Sawari Ektaal Char Taal Ki Sawari Jhaptaal Kerherwa Dadra recorded in 10 raags

4. Saurav Ganguly Collection
- Teentaal Ektaal and Jhaptaal lehra recorded in 5 different raags

5. Sandip Chatterjee Santoor Collection:
- Teentaal Jhaptaal and Roopak Taal recorded in 3 difererent raags

Lehra Studio’s experienced team have taken steps to ensure that the original essence of the instruments are retained. Users of the app can therefore benefit from unparalleled sound quality which is rich with accuracy and authenticity.

The Lehra Studio Pro edition features:

- The user-friendly and clean interface
- A scale changer to allow pitch manipulation of the lehra from A# right upto the E semitone
- The fine-tune slider allowing the tabla player to tune the lehra according to their individual tabla sound
- The accurate beat counter assisting the tabla player with keeping precise tempo
-The lehra and tanpura volume bars which allow for fine manipulation of volume according to every tabla player's unique preference
- A screensaver which offers the counter display tap tempo and prevents battery/power loss
- Tap tempo can be used modulate tempo simply by tapping the counter display or screensaver

Whether you have just started playing tabla or are a seasoned professional this app is a must-have for all tabla players.

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